Your sports and motorbike hotel in Salzburgerland
Your sports and motorbike hotel in Salzburgerland
Your sports and motorbike hotel in Salzburgerland
Your sports and motorbike hotel in Salzburgerland
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365 days of experiences

Summer and winter are popular travel seasons in Lungau – but in spring and autumn, our region has a truly unique flair. When fewer tourists are out and about, nature unfolds its incomparable splendour. And you enjoy the landscapes almost undisturbed.

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Your sports and motorbike hotel in Salzburgerland

Spring awakening

Visit to Mauterndorf Castle

More than just old stones: An exciting journey back to the late Middle Ages awaits you at Mauterndorf Castle. In the exhibition you will get to know the lord of the house, Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach and his entourage. Children can dress in medieval garb; the larder is well stocked and the castle seems as if the last knights and damsels had just left yesterday. From the 44-metre-high fortified tower you have a fascinating view over the lush green spring landscapes of Lungau. By the way, bring your personal LungauCard to enjoy one free admission.

Motorbike tours along almost empty roads

Does your heart beat for two-wheelers? Senior host Rudi is also an avid motorcycle fan and has a rich repertoire ready for you. Due to our central location in Salzburgerland, you have the opportunity to explore countless tours over different passes with your bike. In spring this is especially worthwhile, as the stream of visitors and also the temperature in motorcycle clothing are still within limits, while the landscape is already lush green. By the way: As a motorcycle hotel in Salzburgerland, it goes without saying that we offer secure garage parking for your bike.

Nockalm Road

The almost 35-kilometre-long road with 52 hairpin bends leads through the Lungau/Nock Mountains Biosphere Reserve – past countless spruces and Swiss stone pines. The low gradient of the road creates the optimal conditions for enjoying the uniqueness of the Nock Mountains, whose distinctive appearance is a geological rarity and unique in the entire Alpine region. Along the road you will find traditional gastronomic establishments serving Carinthian home cooking. In addition, well-marked hiking trails and information facilities as well as children’s playgrounds complement the attractive offer. In late spring, nature is filled with the colours and scents of alpine rose, gentian, and globeflower – an unforgettable spectacle!

Your sports and motorbike hotel in Salzburgerland

My personal favourites are the tours on Nockalm Road, along Großglockner High Alpine Road, across the Three Country Corner of Austria, Italy, and Slovenia, and the real classic: the Carinthian Lakes Tour!

Rudi Pankratz
Weissenstein Nature Retreat

Autumn vibes in Lungau

Lungau Bauernherbst: living tradition

Autumn is a special time in our farming region – the time of the cattle drive in St. Michael, the sheep drive in Göriach, the harvest of regional potatoes, called “Lungauer Eachtling”, and many culinary highlights.

Hikes with endless views

In autumn, the air in the mountains is exceptionally clear. This gives you a wonderful distant view. Tip: A hike up one of the Nock Mountains in the southern Bundschuhtal valley is particularly rewarding.

Hunting season in Salzburgerland

Our lovely forest hunting grounds (mountain hunting) at Aineck/Katschberg offer wonderful prospects for hunters. The tranquillity and the view make hunters’ hearts beat faster. Trails and paths are easy and walkable – and in autumn, many closed seasons for hunting are suspended. Since we ourselves, Rudi and Thomas, are passionate hunters, we are happy about every hunting companion who shares their love of nature with us. We are always delighted to put together an individual programme for you! Tip: After the “hunter’s breakfast”, we will take you with the hotel jeep to the starting point of the stalk. Your family will enjoy all the activities in our region while you get to live every hunter’s dream.

Tips for every season

Salzburg, the city of Mozart

It’s one of the most visited museums in the world: the house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on 27 January 1756. Here, the virtuoso and his timeless music come alive! But that’s not the only reason to visit the capital of our federal state. Besides Mozart, the Hohensalzburg Fortress, the Gardens of Mirabell Castle, and the Hellbrunn Trick Fountains await you.

Porsche Automobile Museum Gmünd

Europe’s first Porsche Museum was opened in the city of Gmünd in 1982. The respectable collection of 48 vehicles is a visual treat for fans of fast cars. The highlights: The almost-new Police Porsche finds its place in the exhibition, as do vehicles from the world of racing. Visit the Porsche Museum in Gmünd and admire the vintage beauties from up close.

Eisriesenwelt Werfen

Pay a visit to the world’s largest ice cave. At a refreshing -6°C, a knowledgeable guide with carbide lamps will lead you through this natural spectacle. A total of 1,400 steps await you during the experience. The impressive ice sculptures are sure to leave you in awe.

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